Leveraging technology to optimize critical incident management outcomes

Crises and disasters have always been a part of our global existential story
but with the advance of climate change and the introduction of new hazards, the risk of catastrophic events has increased.

Why do some organizations succeed while others fail at crisis and emergency management?

In the digital age, the key is operational readiness through technology optimization.

CounterCrisis Tech’s mission is to collaborate with government, NGOs, Indigenous and industry customers to identity incident management (IMS) technology gaps, heighten organizational preparedness, and reduce risk to people, the economy, the environment, property and our social fabric.

From first responder experience and game-changing technology development to global teaming and project execution at the highest levels, our founders and partners have a unique breadth and depth of expertise and experience to design and deliver optimized and pragmatic incident management technology solutions.


Any emergency or event that has the potential to escalate into a crisis.

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Incident Management System (IMS)

The combination of communications, equipment, facilities, personnel, and procedures operating within a common organizational structure to optimize crisis and emergency management outcomes.

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Operational Readiness

The decisions, preparations and measures taken in advance of an incident to ensure an effective response and recovery.

CounterCrisis Tech

delivers specialized strategies and technology solutions designed to optimize critical incident management and emergency response outcomes.

Our IMS Tech Gap Analysis

and Discovery Processes offer unique and methodical approaches, which enable us to quickly identify potential technology gaps and recommend practical solutions to optimize positive incident management outcomes.